Ford Fiesta 2014 and 2013 Fusion crossover spy photos

Here are some spyshots of the small crossover based on Ford Ford Fiesta to be released for the 2014 vintage took in the mountains of Colorado. This model attempts to seduce those who want both the benefits of a crossover and a city on the road. The car is expected to resume engines and transmissions of the Fiesta and could add a more powerful mill to meet its anticipated increase in weight. We do not know if a 4-wheel drive transmission will be offered. The price will be positioned below that of the 2013 Escape has just been unveiled at Los Angeles.

Another Ford who is the subject of a video, the 2013 Fusion that you can see video in the streets of the fief of the oval blue Dearborn. I recall briefly that it is based on a new platform and that 4-cylinder Ecoboost animation (farewell V6). The car will be presented in Detroit in January and marketed in North America within a year.

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