Subaru racing car BRZ GT300

Everyone has long been known that the automaker Subaru to take part in the Japanese racing series Super GT. However, until recently was unknown what kind of car will be presented as a participant in events.

Already, it became known that this car will be Subaru BRZ GT300. The car was built specifically to participate in this championship, and to replace him model Subaru Legacy STI, which now participates in all the Japanese competition. From a design standpoint, a racing version is quite different than its urban counterpart. In sports you can find variations of carbon fiber splitter, larger air ducts, air intakes on the hood, rear spoiler and new rear diffuser.

As for the engine, the Subaru engineers have equipped the GT300 two-liter four-cylinder engine STI, which is now able to give out 300 horsepower, this is limited and the class championship.

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