Top 5 car video commercial of the year 2011

First place went to video, showing dialogue Volkswagen Passat and a small "Darth Vader". 63 million views!

Second place is left for concern, Fiat, with its roller, in which a Jennifer Lopez - 27 million views.

"Bronze" went to the roller Imported From Detroit, which was filmed specifically for the Chrysler Concern rotation during the Super Bowl - the final of the National Football League in the United States. In this clip, by the way, too, was not without a star: his love for Chrysler and Detroit in general recognized Eminem. 22 million views.

Funny hamsters have provided advertising Kia Soul 13 million viewers.

The top five most popular commercials advertising Bridgestone - it has no stars, no hamsters, but there is a beaver. Nevertheless, the movie looked Carma 11.4 million people.

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