2012 Peugeot 107 Facelifted first photos and more detail

The restyling of the 107 adopts new aesthetic codes of the Lion brand. The front of the 107 offered a restyled so in tune with the new codes of the Peugeot brand. We thus find a way cover with the famous rib 508 on the nose surrounding the lion, a license plate repositioned to the center of the shield or a grille for a refined style more "distinguished". The arrival of LED daytime running lights In addition, the city puts on protective strips on the front and sides. These are highlighted with LED daytime running lights. In addition, according to its level of finish, the 107 adopts the fog lights. The interior features a new trim for the seats, door panels and instrument panel only available in black. Like the Aygo and C1, CD audio system now has two additional speakers as standard or optional depending on the finish. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. 107 A more efficient Again the three-cylinder petrol engine of 68hp 1.0 remains in place. Like its twin, it displays a level of CO2 emissions reduction: 99g for the manual, and 104g for the controlled box. Transmission now available with steering wheel paddles.

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