6-wheel Smart Fortwo 450 Pickup

Some restless spirits are trying to better distinguish it from common everyday Smart Fortwo, which circulate throughout the cities of the world. We have a version of a chariot, with zero emissions electric motor, an electrical improved version of the Brabus, various stylistic variations, to actively participate in video game, in various versions of overkill-one was even Greek, competitions for how many fit within it, disco ball, to fit even the back of a Mercedes Actros truck metatropoiimenou a luxury camper to be able to get anywhere with them, the most expensive used Smart Fortwo found in mobile.de and last of the original 6trocho of RinSpeed. Only the RinSpeed ​​came second, or to give to Caesar what Caesar now, the RinSpeed ​​developed the new model codenamed Smart Fortwo 451 and a crazy (in a good sense always) from Germany developed the Smart Fortwo 450, ie first-generation predecessor. The car until the finish of the door (driver-passenger) is no different than the many Smart Fortwo 450 circulating. From there begins the idea of ​​the crazy Germans to take shape. Logic would have a problem with the luggage and because as you know is not the largest (talk anything car town) there is a car, he thought getting a forgiven Fortwo 450, to join the rear lights and the door luggage, which has now been removed from the known position and transported to the bed and the position has gotten the rear window is fixed, thus creating the first stable and not simply additive, such as RinSpeed, Pick Up Fortwo. There was but there. He also added 2 more wheels can be comfortable carrying the extra weight in the "body" of. One that made the whole converting lad, we thought of putting the engine and the Smart Roadster Brabus and even the version with 101 horses with just 26.600chlm the odometer while the third line from the Roadster (for the second did not mention how and what supported the wheels). Externally the car has all the look of the Brabus spoiler on the front bumper, headlights, the pegs and the rear bumper opening at the center of the double edge of Babus exhaust and wheels (not the Brabus) are all 16 inches with the front have 175/50 tire and 4 back wearing tire size 205/45.

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