Amazing multimedia center made ​​of Porsche 966 with video

In the world there are many motorists, so product designers often turn to automotive topics in his works. Now car fans already have the opportunity to relax on the sofas Rolls-Royce Phantom, raise a toast at the bar Mazda RX-8, have a cup of flavored drink coffee table for Cobra or read a newspaper at a coffee table Ferrari. In some of the interior used car parts, and some are almost real cars. One of the last things that was added to this list, become a media center television Porsche. This amazing thing is made of the very real Porsche 966 2005 year. At the top of the center there is a special stand for TVs up to 42 inches. In the inactive state TV gracefully hidden in the vehicle chassis, but with the touch of a button you can push up or return to the starting position. The special charm flashing lights add to the body Porsche. Unfortunately do not know who created this original piece of furniture - the company or any enthusiastic motorist. Also known value of such a center and an opportunity to buy it. The principle of multi-media center with an original Porsche 966 pull-out stand for LCD TV, you can see on the video below.

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