Chevrolet Chevelle Concept in Detroit 2012

The General Motors announced in December that the report of Detroit, which opens Monday, will present 4 new cars. He has confirmed the Cadillac ATS, Vuick Encore and Chevrolet Sonic RS and according to Jalopnik, the fourth model will be the Chevelle Concept, the model that will revive the legendary model of Chevrolet. Nothing more is known about it or whether it resembles the original photo, which was unveiled in 2010 at a special event of the Chevrolet.


  1. The new Chargers look more like the Chevelle than than this does.

  2. Nothing says "muscle car" like the '70 Chevelle SS. Why can't Detroit stick to this design with the addition of updated electronics? I couldn't afford a Chevelle in highschool but I can now. Give us "Baby Boomers" what we want! Classic Chevelle SS!!


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