Detroit 2012: Tata eMo concept, India is aware

Tata is working on electric vehicles as almost all manufacturers. There is already a Vista EV concept but the EMO shows the extent of the work of the Indian company in the field. The little EMO only end up paying $ 20,000 ... if it existed. With 160 km of autonomy, a top speed of 105 km / h, the Tata EMO (Electric Mobility) wants to make the technology affordable for small electric city cars. According to Nigel Giddons Tata Technologies has developed the concept, it could be offered at around $ 20,000, grants deducted. To get there, Tata to optimize the means to produce and save on the carrier that is conspicuous by its count. At this level, we are not far from the Nano! However, we appreciate the wide opening that shows a complete lack of B-pillar (hard to imagine a series) that allows you to easily load the various objects in the rear seats.

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