Lexus introduces coupe concept LF-LC live photos Detroit 2012

Lexus at the Naias in Detroit - unveiled the concept for a 2 +2- seater sports coupe . It will also give prospects for future design elements of the brand and has the characteristic radiator grille of the new GS diabolo. The hybrid model is fitted to classical Sportwagenart with front engine and rear drive.

The LF-LC is equipped with a color display with touch remote control that allows the driver intuitive control, without changing his posture or gaze direction. Two 12.3 inch wide LCD display providing navigation instructions and other information and are used to control navigation and audio system and climate control. Using touch-screen surfaces on the doors and windows are set to use the mirrors and seats. The main instruments are executed in LCD technology at several levels as a combination of analog and digital displays. In the rear of the driver finds the ads for coolant temperature and fuel level and the Eco-meters in the front plane tachometer and speedometer.

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