Mexico opens the world's highest bridge - photo and video

The new bridge between Mazatlan and Durango to ensure that the travel time up to 6 hours shorter and will also look for that motorists no longer have the life-threatening "backbone of the devil" have to drive. That is the old highway over the mountains is full of sharp turns. There is much criticism of the bridge because it would ensure that local drug dealers even easier to transport their wares. The region where this bridge is is known for its hemp and opium cultivation. The bridge has a total of 1124 meters long and at the highest point of the cliff up to 402.57 meters deep. In total, the construction of this bridge almost 4 years to complete. The highest bridge in the world is in fact the Siduhebrug / Si Du River Bridge in China, ie d is less than 496 meters high. In China is also the longest bridge in the world.

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