Morgan 4/4 75th Anniversary edition 2011

Morgan said to revive the legendary Morgan 4 / 4 75 years later. The Morgan 4 / 4 was constructed in 1936 and was the first model of the British company with four wheels, after being manufactured only tricycles. The name 4 / 4 comes from the four wheel drive and 4 cylinder engine, 1.1-liter 34 hp performance. The special edition of 2011, a modified 2.0-liter Ford engine with 187 Nm of torque, weighs 920 pounds and does 0-100 km / h in 7.2 Mon a top speed of 189 km / hour. The car is available in 3 colors (Sport Black, Sport Red, Old English white) and has a matte black stripes. Stands on a 15" black alloy rims while inside there are black leather and a wood / aluminum wheel.

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