New Delhi 2012: TATA Safari Storme with video

With a few years behind, the Tata Safari was crying out for renovation. Auto Show In New Delhi the firm has introduced the Safari Storme complementary to conventional and is aimed at a more demanding public. The interior has tried to improve the perceived quality and best materials and get an updated design of the center console. From leather upholstery to metal fixtures are included in some versions, but add a refined touch and more accomplished. Storm Under the hood is equipped with 2.2 liter 140 bhp Dicor CRD in combination with five-speed manual gearbox. It will be available all-wheel drive or single and among other things can be fitted rear parking sensors, dual airbags and ABS (both series), independent air conditioning, etc..

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  1. Tata Safari Storme with high quality of fabrics and plastic inside, it has always been a matter of concern. Its seats are of high quality which provides you best comfort.


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