New Limited Edition for Honda CR-Z a-Black Label edition

The Honda we had presented last summer special version of the CR-Z with a name-Black Label Edition. The characteristics of the small hybrid coupe was available in a limited number of colors, black, white, red and yellow, the dark alloy wheels and interior to distinguish the new black cloth or leather seats with blue stitching. Comes now the Honda to offer a new exterior metallic color with name Vurgundy Rearl, combined with similar coloration of internal tables, ie seats, upholstery, steering wheel and shifter.
Total does not change anything from the existing special edition, only that the limited available it will be until the last day in May. So the value of which amounted to ¥ 2.510.000 in Japan but at current prices rates out € 24.850, where in August which was first released it cost € 22.600.

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