Nissan Special Juke by Fox Marketing

The Juke is a success which rewards a nice bold in design and logically, it became a vehicle of choice when it comes to making a craft exclusive high-image. Nissan GB has a Juke-R, Nissan Japan Nismo's Juke and the United States is Fox Marketing will unsheathe the first presenting a Special Juke loaded. The impact has been the Juke-R car on the planet is quite impressive as the No. American colleagues say, he opened Pandora's box. We can logically expect a plethora of preparations on the basis that lends itself naturally to virilization of all kinds. The marketing guys at Fox have been "glued" by the Juke-R decided to take the Juke to celebrate 12 years of their company. They will receive a kit Juke Special turbo / intercooler which will power up to 400 hp 1.6-liter (!), A braking system with 6-piston calipers, 20-inch wheels and an aerodynamic kit (probably not very aerodynamic in fact) will complete the package. Tubs Yonaka Ronin enliven an interior coursifié.

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