See the list of 10 best selling cars in the world in 2011

See the list of 10 best selling cars in the world in 2011
 1st Toyota Corolla The first ranking lobal had sold 1.02 million units, 2% above the 2010 volume.
 2 Hyundai Elantra Known as the Avante in Korea, it is almost as popular as the Corolla, with 1.01 million units. Two years ago there still appeared in the Top 10.
 3 of Wuling Sunshine The vehicle produced in joint venture with GM sold 943,000 units.
 4 Ford Focus The new Focus, now virtually the same in the United States and Europe, is a response to the strategy "One Ford." It sold 919 000 units.
 5 Kia Rio The vehicle was recently redesigned to markets like the U.S., but the previous version still accounts for 500 000 sold 815,337 units between.
6 Ford Fiesta The Ford Fiesta, which has already arrived in Brazil, reported sales of 781.147 million units.
 7 Volkswagen Jetta The popularity of the vehicle secured the sale of 745,000 units worldwide.
 8 Toyota Camry The best-selling car in North America is also popular globally, with sales of 726,000 units. 9 Chevrolet Cruze The new model GM recorded strong sales in several countries, not only in the United States. With growing production, sales doubled in 2011 to 691 thousand units.
 10 Volkswagen Golf The traditional top-selling German is one of the three cars that the brand projects to reach top global sales. In 2011 had 648 000 units sold.

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