Shelby Launches Three Limited Edition Mustang Shelby 50th Anniversary Edition

Shelby wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday in Detroit had three  Anniversary Edition Shelby Mustang. Only 300 cars will go in production, 100 of each model. This is the Shelby GT500 Super Snake, GT350 and GTS edition, with half the cars of each issue to be white and half black. The cars have gold stripes, simatakia 50th anniversary, upgraded interior, new wheels, 6-track wheels and a special number VIN. The cars will be delivered to the customer at a special event that makes the Shelby in Las Vegas, the owner can get a gift pack and the necessary papers needed to be in possession of a collector.
The owner of Shelby, Carroll Shelby said that few were those who believed that the Shelby American business would be 50 years old when the first Cobra built in a rented garage and believes that the next 50 years his company will be even better.

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