Started producing civilian versions of Renault Sherpa

Renault Sherpa car was originally designed military unit Renault Trucks Defense, as a tactical vehicle, occupying a niche between the all-wheel drive sport utility vehicles and army trucks. Sherpa is an excellent cross - clearance of 600 mm and the angle of entry of 60 degrees. With this machine can be climbing the slope to 45 degrees and a depth of fords up to 750 mm.

From 2012, the car decided to put on sale to all comers, which were designed to have three touring performance. Sherpa Scout, a 4-seater saloon useful volume of 5.5 cubic meters.

The car comes with Renault Sherpa 4.76-liter turbodiesel Renault DXi5 215 power of 215 hp Euro 3 or Euro 5. maximum torque of 800 Nm at 1200 - 1700 rev / min. Since the motor is mounted 6-speed automatic transmission Allison.

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