Toyota Prius Camper : The first four-seat hybrid camper profile - Toyota Prius Caravaning

The Prius was unveiled Camper those days at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012. The Toyota Prius is a chosen standard but know that the thing is feasible on the new Prius Plug-in and restyled. This is a recreational vehicle that will make the happiness of the camping car that will not be put off by the look and especially the profile of this rather special Prius Camper. Thus transformed, the Prius is a nice camper camper along 4.98 m and 2.05 m high, which allows four people to sleep almost comfortably. Continues to look a bit special this "pack" which is made of fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) and binds to various points on the body of the car. The manufacturer claims sleeps 4 but can also opt for removable table, the Pack "small stove + water reserve" or mini fridge. Version of "full op" you dressed for real good holiday ecological outdoors.

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