2013 Tesla Model X Crossover first llok with video

The Elon Musk, o CEO of Tesla, in front of 1000 guests, presented yesterday at the Tesla design studio in California, the third model of Tesla, the Model X Crossover. The model presented is pre-production version, with sales of the car to start in late 2013. Tesla expects to sell με 10.000 15.000 Model X per year, the price starts to close at $ 57.500 to 0-60 miles / hour (0-96 km / h) to make 0.2 to 4.4 Mon Mon faster than the Porsche 911.
The Model X Crossover is built on the same platform that uses the Model S and uses the same battery packs, 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 80 kWh but has 10% less range than the Model S, due to the increased weight of the Crossover . In simple words, the Model X with 40 kWh is 233 km range while the 80 kWh amounts to 435 km
Stylistically now. The front is reminiscent of the Model S, which will begin sales of the summer. It also has a strongly sloping roof with the rear doors open upwards (gullwing, Falcon calls them the Tesla) to make it easier to enter the rear. The interior can carry up to 7 adult passengers with their luggage. It has three rows of two seats and luggage, because under the bonnet there is no internal combustion engine.
The Musk added that prepare and fourth model (Gen 3) which will show in the next two years, while regarding the replacement for the Tesla Roadster said that production would be delayed and may occur even after 4 years after The company will give weight to the construction of the fourth small car which have called Gen 3, and it is a small electric city car at an affordable price.

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