Cambiano Pininfarina Concept : Elegance, simplicity, electricity

Here are finally the pictures of the coupe concept Cambiano designed and developed under the direction of Fabio Filippini to be presented next week at the Geneva show. The Oininfarina Cambiano is carried out with a central unit carbon fiber associated with two modules that integrate engine, suspensions and transmission.

The appearance of this large sedan-coupe (or sedan-coupe) 3 doors and 4 seats is elegant, a true mark of fluidity and even a classic simplicity assumed. The Cambiano is impressive since it measures 5.0 m long, 2.0 meters wide and weighs 1700 kg. This is the coupe Lancia Florida 1957 (designed by Battista Farina) who is the inspiration behind this concept car is going as the amount of Lancia B. This four-seat coupe, 3 door back door for an architecture that we have not known since the discovery that Veloster Hyundai Coupe (1 door on the left, two doors on the right). If the left side there is much in the presence of a coupe, with a view to the right slightly raised, it is almost with a sedan.

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