Ozil fined his Ferrari 458 Italia with Ozil's Ferrari 458 Italia Photos

The car chosen by Ozil is identical to the image, but in black. Enrollment looks a series of numbers and letters (GE MO 1088) that he has chosen. The first two letters (GE) correspond to their place of birth (Gelsenkirchen, Germany), MO are the initials of his name (Mesut Ozil), 10 is your race number at Real Madrid and 88, the year of birth .

In the case of this car, it is not surprising that the German player is reluctant to leave it in the garage. Anyway, do not believe that the fine which was sanctioned by Özil park your Ferrari 458 Italia incorrectly it has incurred great economic damage.

The white player is not the only mad supercars. Only a few weeks ago, Cristiano Ronaldo for his birthday gave a Lamborghini than 350,000 euros.

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