2013 Koenigsegg Agera R first look Geneva Motor Show 2012

Koenigsegg announced that it will go to the Geneva upgraded version of the Agera R which has 8 new features.
1. It is the first car in the world that once one piece carbon wheels which are manufactured by means of a Koenigsegg technology has named Aircore Technology. The wheels weigh 20 pounds less, removing important sprung weight and offer greater security than conventional aluminum alloys. The only metal part on the rim is the valve of the tire, since everything else is a single-piece carbon.
2. The Agera and Agera R is the first cars of the world where engines use the surface of the cylinder nanotechnology ANS, thereby reducing friction and fuel consumption.
3. The engine has been fine-tuning and has developed a management system by adding new features, all available through the OBD-II port.
4. The cutter has increased to 7,500 rpm (from 7250) and so the V8 5.0-liter twin-turbo engine delivers 960 horses (940 to Agera R 2012) with 98 octane gasoline and 1140 horses (1115 to Agera R 2012 ) using bioethanol E85.
5. The Koenigsegg xanasynergazetai with known Swedish company manufacturing suspension Öhlins Racing, and built with a Triplex suspension which is standard equipment in the Agera R 2013.
6. The system KES (Koenigsegg Electronic Stability) is now available as standard equipment for all models of the Koenigsegg.
7. Placed in a new Agera R lighter exhaust system, which also improves air flow to the diffuser.
8. Installed new front and rear spoiler which provide an extra 20 pounds vertical downforce at 250 km / h.

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