Ford introduced the Fiesta analogue with sliding doors B-MAX

The car has an unusual design of the rear of the body - sliding doors with no B-pillar. This repeats what has been arranged as a self-titled concept car presented last year in Switzerland. This solution is not found on any other competing car. As stated in the official report, the lack of a central bar has no effect on safety and body stiffness, because "they themselves are integrated into the design of front door."

In Ford also clarify that the B-Max will be the largest amount of luggage from the competition. For comparison, the Opel Meriva with raised back row seats, the volume of the compartment is 397 liters, and when folded - 1496 liters.

Developers B-Max also demonstrated the potential of information and entertainment SYNC, which will now be available not only in the U.S. and Europe. The main feature of the device - voice control of different functions (player, telephone, and applications), so the driver does not need to be distracted from the road. There is support for USB-devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as an automatic call to emergency services in the event of an accident (the car itself determines the location and sends the data to the local operator, even if the driver is in a foreign country). The company expects that by 2015 the system will use the Emergency Assistance 3.5 million Europeans. The service will be available in nine languages ​​and for different models.

Sales of Ford B-Max in Europe is scheduled to begin in autumn 2012. Prices will be called later.

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