Lamborghini Aventador J roadster Live photos Geneva 2012

That you are here looking at the super exclusive, one-off Aventador J Roadster that we need you a second time to tell because so much was already known about this minimalist windshield free Aventador.
The letter J does not fall from the sky: it is a reference to the 1970 Jota, a Lamborghini Miura with extra pepper which was also completely rebuilt. That was a one-off, and now, over 40 years later, repeat the trick Lamborghini.
Unfortunately we lack the time to get much deeper into them, so that means you just balance. The power is unchanged with 700 horsepower, but go there but that this Aventador thanks all its carbon, and especially thanks to what he does not have a horsepower to weight ratio that is even more delicious.

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