Shelby 1000 Creates new 1100 Hp Mustang in New york 2012

 Shelby American will bring in April this year at the international motor show in New York super-Ford Mustang. The charged muscle car under the name Shelby 1000 will be available in two versions: the road and racing. The first is equipped with an engine capacity of about 950 hp, while the second - engine capacity of more than 1100 hp At the same time both cars are equipped with rear-wheel drive only.

According to U.S. media, the basis of special model was taken Shelby GT500, equipped with 8-cylinder engine capacity of 5.4 liters. Motor vehicle and suspension have been finalized, also has been improved air flow to the motor. In addition, Shelby in 1000 was more powerful brakes.

Its top speed is not reported. Apparently, it will be faster than the Shelby Super Snake, equipped with a 800-horsepower engine.

Turning to the Shelby GT500 Shelby in 1000 would cost the owner of a muscle-car for at least 149,995 dollars.

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