2013 New RAM 1500 first official release - photo and video

The Dodge Ram 1500-not sure-in the newly inserted and the look is so hard to see. No, it is mainly under the hood. There was an antique block were discharged and before saving driecili ... kidding, economical V6 and V8 blocks in place.

In place of the 3.7-liter geriatric V6 (215 hp) has Chrysler the RAM 1500 is equipped with a 3.6 Pentastar V6. Which is much lighter and according to the Americans 20% more efficient. The block is good for 309 hp and 365 Newton meters of torque. Who wants to kick in a seriously fun oversized pickup can still have the 400 hp and 552 Nm 5.8-liter HEMI V8 opt. As the new Ram 1500 features electric power steering on the block now 5 hp more coughing. The addition of variable valve timing and cylinder block-off also makes it on paper-20% more efficient.

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