2013 SRT Viper first official live look New York Auto Show

It's official. Weeks of official progress, leaks of various sizes and rampant speculation have concluded a few minutes ago with the launch in New York for the fifth generation of the Viper, an icon of American industry engine leaving the Dodge label to be distributed as a product typical of Street and Racing Technology, Chrysler Group's sports division. Its development has encountered numerous obstacles since it began in the pre-Fiat Pentagon crash, but finally the new Viper is a reality. And left us stunned.

This beast handmade in-house Detroit reborn after a hiatus of two years as a vehicle with all the sportiness of its predecessors, yet a slightly less brutal. The design of your voluptuous body, a treatise on aluminum and carbon fiber on the beauty of the curve in Figure automobile. It is a rolling tribute to the curvilinear Viper previous generations, especially the MkI and MkII. with its double-bubble roof tear-profile, their turgid front wings and a ducktail spoiler seems to transmit torque from its 8.4 V10 engine. Ralph Gilles was not lying when he said his sensual (almost carnal) design was inspired by the body of a naked woman.

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