2014 Jaguar F-Type first photos by Autoexpress

The Jaguar has given us the first photos and video of the F-Type Prototype, the production version of the original C-X16 and already began to circulate pictures of the car renderings. The production car will be showcased at the Paris exhibition in September, called the F-Type, is codenamed X152 and sales began in 2013.
Unlike the C-X16, the F-Type, is cabrio with retractable fabric roof,can carry 2 passengers, is made of aluminum and only time a gasoline engine. Technical details are not provided by Jaguar for them will not only provide superior performance, are worthy of a sports car.
The car will come across from the Porsche Boxster and development tests have already begun, after several prototypes have emerged from the Jaguar factory in Castle Bromwich, to write tens of thousands of kilometers. Over the next two years there will be four-wheel drive version, and is sure that there will be a version RS, corresponding to the XKR-S.

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