Adastra Superyacht China‎ more photos and details

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on April 13, the Hong Kong shipping tycoon Antoine. Madden cost of £ 15 million to build a luxury yacht - the "Adastra". This yacht is not only the appearance of the dazzling, solid texture, and interior luxury, ranging from the living area to the recreation area, comparable to five-star hotel. It is worth mentioning is that the owner can also manipulation iPad tablet on the yacht.
In the launching ceremony held on the 12th of this month, British designer John Shuttleworth to the visitors on the of Adastra yacht design concept and the internal structure. Adastra number is 42.5 meters long and 16 meters wide, weighs about 52 tons, can carry nine passengers and three crew members. In appearance, aboard the three-body ultra-luxury yachts like a spaceship. The hull of the main synthetic fiber made from glass fiber reinforced plastic, known as "Kevlar" extremely hard. Its cool appearance compared to the yacht within the design and decoration is also very interesting. The boat not only has well-furnished bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilets and other basic living facilities, also has a sea view dining area, bar and sunbathing platform. It is reported that the submarines all decoration materials and furniture are made from high-grade oak, and even the crew cabin decoration living costs are in millions of pounds.

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