BMW i8 Concept Spyder official

After yesterday's leak, BMW announced the i8 Concept Spyder, the open version of the i8 Concept, which will be presented officially to the Beijing. Compared with the i8 Concept we saw the exhibition in Frankfurt last September, has a slightly shorter wheelbase, aluminum doors without a frame, rather than glass, new side mirrors, black frame windshield, new rear, the rear seats are no longer , clear glass panel behind the seats where there are two means of electric scooters from carbon, and of course has no roof.
Once Life-Drive platform with the Life have the front and rear axle, battery and cabin while the Drive all other parts of the car which are also of CFRP (carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic) . It weighs 1630 kg (1480 to i8 Concept) and has a length of 4.480 mm, 1.922 mm width, 1.208 mm height, wheelbase 2.650 mm, luggage space is close to 100 liters, and weight ratio of 50:50.

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