2014 Chevrolet Silverado spy photos, it turns really

Two satisfactions for the current Chevrolet Silverado: sales increased 5% in April 2012 over April 2011 but mostly it temporarily takes the third place that he had stolen the Nissan Altima in February. However, with a total in 2012 sales of 126,387, it is distanced for second best U.S. sales by the Toyota Camry, which recorded 36,820 additional orders .
Should this observation to see some commotion out the Chevrolet 2014 model as soon as possible? to see because the spyshots this pickup starting to pile up on each other.
Here are two others that show a version of "crew cab" unfortunately still heavily camouflaged. Not much more to say except that it should have a more spacious interior than the model today.

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