2013 Opel Zafira Tourer: LPG technology powers 1.4 turbo 140 hp engine‎

After the Insignia, Opel announced that the Zafira Tourer is available with gas engines. The car was once a 1.4 LPG ecoFLEX engine performance to 140 bhp 200 Nm of torque. An average consumption of 8.6 liters ygraeriou/100 km emitting 139 g / km and 6.7 liters petrol/100 km emitting 156 g / km.
The choice of fuel type, is done via a button located on the center console. The LPG tank has a capacity of 60 liters and is on the floor of the car and not in the spare room, as usual. LPG is consuming up to 650 km, and along with gasoline, the autonomy of touches to 1,500 kilometers. In Germany starts from 27,050 euros.

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