2013 VW Amarok Pickup was updated

 Volkswagen has introduced a number of updates for Amarok pickup 2013 model year. The model has an upgraded diesel power plant, an extensive list of standard and optional equipment, the increased weight of the towed trailer and an extended warranty on the corrosion of the body.

Power of two-liter bi-turbo diesel engine capacity of two liters in the version with manual transmission has increased from 163 to 180 horsepower (the same number and a pickup truck with the "automatic"). At the same despite the increased impact fuel economy and emissions of CO2, according to representatives of "Volkswagen", remained the same.

In addition, the package technology BlueMotion, which includes tires with reduced rolling resistance, as well as of the "start-stop" and energy recovery during braking, is now available for the 122 - and 180-strong "Amarok" with the "mechanics", equipped with rear-or all-wheel drive. In VW specify that the package BlueMotion reduces fuel consumption by 0.5 liters.

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