Most unusual city car

 Here are some suggestions for inexpensive transportation in cities
Passed when a car is considered a good machine with a huge engine - loud, fast, and spending a lot of fuel.

Tata AIRPOD - car powered by compressed air

Indian company Tata announced that it will soon be put into production cars Tata AIRPOD, which is based will be pneumatic transport. Or put another way - the machine will run on compressed air is collected in a tank with a volume of 175 liters. This can lead to the transition from 200 km at a maximum speed of 70 km / h

Prokhorov City Car - city car from Russia

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov for several years trying to impose its idea Ё-mobily. Its advantage is that it will be much cheaper than the other models in this segment. Testing of prototypes were successful, it is expected the first such machines appear in mid-2013

Eco-E - the cheapest electric car in the world

Modern electric cars cost more than their gasoline or diesel counterparts. However, this may change very soon. Proof of this is the Eco-E, the price is $ 9,995.

It evolved to 40 km / h, and a single charge of the battery goes about 65 km. Eco-E is a two-seater electric motor (3.1 kW), powered by a 48 volt battery. Charging time is between 8 and 10 hours at 110 volts AC outlet.

Autolib - a network of public electric in France

Autolib, you can rent almost everywhere in Paris and to return it to another location after use. Actually not mark Autolib electric and service that can benefit every resident or visitor to Paris.

Kenguru - electric car for disabled

Kenguru is the first electric car in the world, designed for people with limited mobility. Made for disabled people who can absolutely get into it with his cart. It was invented by American Stacy Zoan, which is also at a disadvantage.

At its base are two electric motors that drive the rear wheels. The maximum speed is 45 km / h and an operating range between 70 km i110. The controls are similar to those of motoskuter, for emergencies is a special red button. It completely stops the car and allows you to manually open the rear door. The price of Kenguru EV is $ 25 000.

Tata Pixel - City car from premium Class

In Tata Pixel has gathered the best that modern cars have. It is compact, economical and can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. Under the bonnet of his works-cylinder 1.2 diesel Tata approximately 60 hp, which is positioned under the rear seat and drives the wheels of the rear axle through a five-speed manual transmission. The start of series production is planned for 2014

Electric Modi Corp Pius

To reduce the cost of electric, self-produced Japanese company MODI Corporation released a machine name Pius. Curiously, it comes in a "loose" condition, each customer can assemble it alone, thanks to the use of company-manufacturer instructions.

City car from Aston Martin

All are used Aston Martin to offer very expensive and luxury cars. This applies with full force and the British proposal for a city car Aston Martin Cygnet & colette . The car is based on the Toyota iQ, a small size and low fuel consumption, but it's Aston Martin - a gorgeous, comfortable and expensive. Available in a variety of versions, including electricity.

Twike - frivolous city car

Usually in a hybrid vehicle understand that working with a combination of internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Only that Twike things are a bit different as it moves both the electric motor and the power of human legs. The machine is compact, very light and economical as it can travel 300 miles in just 3 dollars - so worth charging the electric motor.

T25 - a car that turns spot

The model is equipped with a 660-cc three-cylinder engine with 51 hp and 57 Nm of torque. Combining it with a five-speed semi-automatic transmission allows T.25 lends 575 kg to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h 16.2 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited even at 145 km / h Its value is not so impressive, but expected fuel consumption of the car is 3.83 l/100 km and the amount of released its emissions - 86 g / km.

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