New scooter Vespa Sprint 2014 First Photos and Video

New Vespa Sprint scooter inspired by the design of the original Primavera / Sprint. In the new model range replaces the Vespa S, offering an exceptional classic design. Scooter comes with wide black seat with white stitching. Under the saddle is made spacious 17 -liter luggage compartment , which intervenes helmet. Vespa engineers have provided not only the comfort of the driver, but the passenger and adding new handles and comfortable footrests. The dashboard consists of speedometer and multifunction display with an aggressive red illumination. Among other features , you can select LED turn signals, LED brake light, a typical rectangular headlamp Vespa, as well as mirror -style Vespa 946. However , a beautiful 12 -inch aluminum wheels are the most characteristic element Vespa Sprint.

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