Aston Martin prepares rival S-Class - Lagonda 2015 Spy Photos

Lagonda 2015 Spy Photos

Lagonda 2015 Spy Photos

Lagonda 2015 Spy Photos
The model can be sold under the revived Lagonda brand
The manufacturer of luxury sports cars Aston Martin will try in the segment of premium sedans, reports the publication Autoblog. It published photographs of prototype testing of the British manufacturer filmed during trials.

According to the new model Aston Martin will be a direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The sedan will get an impressive wheelbase - about 3 meters and will be equipped with a V12 engine with a capacity of 5.9 liters , developing 550 hp The model will be sold under the brand Lagonda, which management of Aston Martin is considering to revive .

Other sources , however, are of the opinion that this sedan will be the progenitor of a new model line of Brits named Q. It will be removed in a unit that will deal with the creation of custom cars Aston Martin.

A third version , according to which the test sedan will be produced in a single unit designed for a private client . In Aston Martin already have experience with similar machines, one of which is the roadster CC100 Speedster. He was made ​​a year ago in two pieces on behalf of a client.

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