Video: Giraffe rebounds with head against bridge and dies South Africa

giraffe bridge died

Giraffe In Truck Dies After Head Strikes Highway Bridge

The image is reminiscent of a scene from "The Hangover 3", only it's real, and anything but laugh in this case: Two giraffes standing on an open trailer, which is pulled along by a van a highway in South Africa. Both stretch out their necks, but not far away from them is a bridge over the road. Even the picture gives the impression that the building is too low for the two animals - and so it was probably actually.

As reported, among others, the British "Guardian", came the giraffes with their heads against the concrete wall of the bridge. The presenter Pabi Moloi, the eyewitness of the accident was, wrote in "Twitter" by a loud bang. Other users reported the incident. According to the news portal "" it was unclear whether the driver, who was traveling with the animals in the direction of Johannesburg, the incident immediately noticed.

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