2016 2017 VW Polo future: like this? photos

2016 2017 VW Polo

2016 2017 VW Polo photos
The new Skoda Fabia which arrives, we say that it is already a bit of the future Volkswagen Polo we see. But nothing is less certain, the sixth generation of the little sister of the Golf should not be born before 2017 since the restyling of the 5th generation has just been sold. Meanwhile, here is a vision of computer graphics believable.
 6. generation of Volkswagen Polo will she started, we do not know it yet but that does not stop designers to work on the subject and propose their vision. Damian Sebastian gave his interpretation via Carscoop site, at first glance, no problem of consistency, we are dealing with a new generation of Volkswagen with its sharp angles and horizontal grille. The consistency of the drawing grows to say that we again feel in front of a Mini-Golf, the term most used to describe the current Polo (and also probably what made ​​it successful ).

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