2016 The new Lotus Evora 400 the fastest and most powerful

The new Evora 400, according to the British company, "the fastest and most powerful production Lotus ever."

The centrally located, V6 3.5 liter delivers longer, assisted turbo, 406 horsepower (or 400hp, hence the name) arriving to the rear wheels through a manual or optional automatic transmission, both six-speed.

The 0-100 km / h coming in 4,2kai final reaches 300 km / h. H Lotus says the Evora 400 «turns» in the Hethel test track six seconds faster than its predecessor.

The aluminum chassis is redesigned, causing the weight decrease by 22 kg. The suspension features new arrangements, the brakes are powerful and, in versions with cheirokinto box, the limited slip differential is standard.

Externally, the Evora 400 singles from different front bumper with the much larger air intake and LED daytime running lights. New is the rear bumper that incorporates a different diffuser with centrally mounted exhaust, while the wing longer diatetei three elements.

The biggest change was in the cabin, which has a completely new dashboard with highest quality materials. Also, the center console has a more modern design and a modern multimedia system.

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