Bonneville Racer Nimbus Odin'S Fury

Salt Lake Bonneville - a place that excites the imagination of many racers, speed enthusiasts, mechanics and customizers. Dane Lars Nielsen has created a unique motorcycle racing Nimbus specifically for Bonneville. For many brand Nimbus - the long-forgotten past, especially if we talk about speed records, but there are still people who believe in the potential of the Danish motorcycle. Throughout the world, there is still a 8000 motorcycle Nimbus Type C, half of which goes through the streets of the Danish city. Lars Nielsen remade motorcycle Type C Nimbus 1934 / in and moved the engine to improve the reliability and performance. Project details: Engine: 746 cm3, 4-cylinder (22 hp in stock, but Lars upgraded engine produces a little more) custom frame, which installed a homemade cone The original propeller shaft custom exhaust

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