The new version of the Peugeot scooter Django 2016

Peugeot has introduced a new version of its scooter named Django.

Scooter with a retro touch is now available not only in the 150- and 125-cc, and 50 cc version.

Most striking colors of this scooter - it has as many as 38 variants of coloring - a vast field for individualization. Plus - three variants of mirrors, seven kinds of seats, aluminum or chrome inserts and a unique light system.

All of the above plus a set of accessories provide a total of about 118 000 unique combinations - which means, according to the manufacturer, the real freedom of choice and give your vehicle on two wheels individual traits.

Django 50cc is made in the same style poluretro, like his older brother. Features of the 1950s in the form of a scooter coupled with modern strokes so that the machine was attractive to youth, and for a more mature audience.

According to experts, Peugeot Django is a decent alternative to the classic Vespa, both in terms of selection options, and in terms of the choice of colors and accessories.

All the lamps and lanterns have a scooter - LED, in the glove box has 12V socket and aluminum wheels hidden under a combined braking system called Synchro Braking Concept (SBC), which distributes the braking force between the two axes of the scooter.

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