IAA 2015: Peugeot Fractal moves the acoustic information in the interior

Peuegot presented at the IAA in Frankfurt 2015, the study Fractal. A lithium-ion battery supplies the motors of the electric coupé at front and rear axle with electricity, which have a total output of 150 kW / 204 hp. The ground clearance of the vehicle can be variably adapted to the particular situation. On highways it is seven centimeters, which improves the aerodynamics and thus also the range. In city traffic, it can be increased up to eleven centimeters. The study Peugeot is also a view of the further development of its i-cockpits. There are sound sources virtually generated and dynamically moved in space in order to enrich the information to the driver acoustically. With activated route guidance by the navigation system, for example, the sound source of the voice output is virtually at a certain distance ahead of the vehicle. The closer this comes the next intersection, the closer the sound source approached the cabin and moves to the side of the next branch. When the vehicle arrived at the intersection, it is located in the passenger compartment in the immediate vicinity and informs the driver of the now imminent change of direction. In addition, the sound can be adjusted by the spatialization of the vehicle configuration and the driving style.

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