Official: New Toyota Prius 2016 full review, pics, video, price, release date

Toyota, as announced, presented early in the morning-new, fourth-generation Prius, which will be released in Japan last month of the year. The design of the hybrid model is not a surprise, as leaked photos of the previous days and through the official photos emerges body with highly eccentric and striking lines that divide for their good taste.

The profile and the back borrows several elements from hydrogen Mirai, with Toyota have been designed to make the design of the Prius more refined, and gives a different look than the previous model to distinguish it from conventional cars . It is available in seven colors, the interior is new, but the center console to bring several points from other models of the company. This, depending on the version, has black gloss details, the screen information system and entertainment dominates high.

Fourth generation Prius has codename 690A, (680A, the plug-in version) and based on the new TNGA platform company (Toyota New Global Architecture), which carries significant upgrades, and are 60% stiffer and significantly lowered center of gravity . This leads to significantly increase passenger comfort and driving dynamics of the car, and also the new platform helps lower positioning of the mechanical parts. The new platform makes the Prius weigh 70 pounds less, drive to have better aerodynamics, more spacious interior and give better visibility to the driver. The Prius will weigh 1,280 pounds, with plug-in hybrid version weigh 1,350 pounds. Its length is 4.540 mm. (60), a width of 1.760 mm. (15), height 1,470 mm. (-20) And wheelbase of 2,700 mm., While in the field of suspension has double wishbones for the front and rear axle.

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