A new generation of Skoda Yeti 2013

Volkswagen has recently updated its crossover Tiguan, but with the second generation Skoda Yeti is not in a hurry. And everything goes to the fact that the new Yeti is built on a new platform, which is being developed in the depths of concern Volkswagen.

According to the magazine AutoBild, a new generation of Yeti, which will be shown only at the end of 2015 or even early 2016, will be considerably larger than the current model. If now the Skoda Yeti is from nose to tail 4225 mm, the length of the Yeti II will amount to 4300 mm. And it is in the basic versions - there will be another version of the Yeti XXL with an elongated body and three rows of seats about 4,600 mm long.

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