Renault has changed the interior of the Duster 2013

Compared with the salon Dacia Duster (under that name crossover sold in other countries, except South America), a car for our market was upgraded center console with new air conditioning units and audio, as well as the silver edging the console and vents of the ventilation system, the overlay on top of the console and other devices visor.

Cabin width five-Renault Duster at the elbows rear passengers is 1438 mm, the volume of the luggage compartment achieves a Five 475 liters, while the rear seats folded space will increase to 1636 liters. In addition, the crossover can be completely folded back front passenger seat that will carry bulky items up to 2.65 meters.

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  1. Renault Duster has started a price war in India as it is equipped with all necessary features,spacious interior and stylish exterior.Its price has also been set aggressively.


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