A concept of the new Audi TT for the Tokyo Motor Show?

I just find this curious image of a rear AudiBlog.nl after seeing it on the page Diariomotor's friends. According to the Dutch website, what you see here would be the first official sketch of the new TT, which is presented as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show almost imminent.

TT truth is that in anything he touches a generational change, and therefore is not at all unreasonable for the Ingolstadt brand is already thinking about the design of its coupe. But it is also true that nobody would expect to see a concept in anticipation of the new TT in the Hall of Tokyo at this time of year. On the other hand, Audi and Japanese chose the previous appointment to present new conceptual weight. Real or not, the sketch presents an evolution of design that is closer to Quattro Concept and leaves at the same time some of the distinctive elements of TT round.

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