Mitsubishi Mirage Concept : new Japanese mini-city Tokyo Motor Show 2011

News from the Mitsubishi stable: at the Tokyo Motor show, the brand presents a compact model, even in Europe to appear on the market: the Mirage (just like the Gemballa). In size, he is under the current Colt sharing.

The Mirage measuring 3710 x 1665 x 1490 mm​​, making it about 10 cm shorter than the Colt, but since there is already a laastgenoemde quite some time have been looking, we would not be surprised if this small town to replace the Colt.

According to Mitsubishi fit five adults, but I would try noet if you're Dutch dimensions. The cup is produced in Thailand, and from there we can put it late 2012 and early 2013 expected. Specs are not known, but it is clear that the focus will lie on the economy, with low rolling resistance, aerodynamic coach, and a three-cylinder 1.0 with start-stop. The target fuel consumption is 3.3 liters with / 100 km is also nice and low.

Furthermore, there is also an EV to arrive, but for this we must wait at least until 2015. Before then, the regular version or prove a bite out of the already heavily populated city mini-segment can take. This price will play a rather decisive factor.

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