The production of new EcoBoost 1000 cc Ford's

In Frankfurt and introduced him 2 months later, Ford announced that begins production of new 3-cylinder 1.0-liter turbo EcoBoost engine which is manufactured at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany and placed in the new Focus in early 2012. Ford has invested 130 million factory in Cologne, which has a capacity 870 people and produce 350,000 engines annually. Since early 2012, the engine will be manufactured at the factory and Romania so that Ford to build 700,000 engines annually. Ford's goal is to manufacture the engine in the coming year and beyond Europe so that the total production to reach the 1.3 million units annually.

It is the smallest EcoBoost engine and has a turbo, improved design dual variable camshaft timing and intelligent peripherals for unprecedented performance by such displacement. The engine will also be placed at C-MAX 2012, and later to the new Ford B-MAX.

Ford will introduce two versions of kinitirasto Focus in Europe in early 2012 to 100 horses and 125 horses with 170 Nm of torque (200 Nm in overboost) with average fuel consumption and emissions 5.0-litra/100 km CO2 114 g / km, which will be paired with a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed manual transmission, respectively.

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