Kia Ray EV - the first Korean electric photos

Kia Motors presented the first production electric vehicle, manufactured in Korea.

The compact car is the first production car with electric propulsion Korea. Currently Kia Ray EV is available exclusively native to market the brand, but not much time when Vanco will go around the world. Not only that, but the technology can be shared with other models.

Kia Ray EV is powered by an electric power to 68 hp, which transmits thrust to the front wheels and is powered by highly efficient lithium-polymer battery (16.4 kWh). Manufacturers state that battery life is 10 years.

Kia Ray EV weighs 187 kg with (1185 kg) more than "its petrol sibling," but electric offset this burden with a torque of 167 Nm. Acceleration to 100 km / h is in less than 16 seconds. And the maximum vehicle speed of 130 km / h.

Maximum range per charge is 140 km. Recharging the battery takes about Ray EV 6 hours of regular power outlet (220V) and about 25 minutes when connected to a special station for fast charge. Currently in Korea there are 500 special charging stations for electric vehicles powertrain. By the end of next year, the number will reach 3100.

The automatic transmission offers the driver of a vehicle different modes of management, the goal is to save electricity in the battery and captures energy during braking.

The exterior is similar to that of gasoline Ray, apart from the implications for battery charging and badge stating "Zero Emissions EV". The car builds on the 14-inch wheels.

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  1. Nice copy of the Nissan cube. The reason I don't buy from Korean companies is they copy everything. They try to be the most similar to apple, they copy car designs, they copy staple foods that were first made in Japan etc... Heck one crazy youtuber by the name of ChosunNinja claims that Ninjas were originally Korean. I wonder then why wikipedia and other websites say that Ninjas are Japanese.


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