Man wins Lamborghini crash several hours later - video photos

The American trucker David Dopp went on one day of boys dream to nightmare. First he won a bright green Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 RoadsterBut then he managed for the same car in six hours time to crash.

David participated in a contest called "Joe Schmo To Lambo" a gas station and he was as happy as a child when he had been told that he was a true Italian BBQ supercar had won.

Unfortunately, this truck is not as good to deal with 640 hp and AWD. He spun and hit the road because even just the sidewalk. The result of his driving skills, you can see in these pictures.

According to the police was probably because he was speeding, but David would rather keep it that he spun on a piece of ice or some gravel. A blessing in disguise was that he had comprehensive insurance. He does his meager salary can not be used to repair his Lamborghini. That salary can simply use to buy food for his six children.

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